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JohnBT 18Jun2007 10:47

Integrate Javascripts with toolbars
Besttoolbars.net offers to integrate Javascript witht he toolbars and gain better Toolbar- Browser interaction.
Download FREE trial of ToolbarStudio and create your own IE7 and Firefox toolbars in minutes!
In that way, the Toolbar gives a quick and convenient access to the most important parts of your website

<<Link Removed>>

Features and Plug-ins of Created Toolbars as follows:

- Your own Logo, unlimited Buttons and Menus
- RSS Reader, Weather On-line, E-mail checker, Login Manager, Autofill etc…)
- Launch Javascript from a button on your toolbar
- Multiple Search engines & links integration
- Save Login information in the toolbar
- Moving separator
- Radio Player (coming soon)
- Keyword Highlighting
- Multilingual Support
- Popup ads killer
- Free Mozilla/Firefox converter
- Auto-Update, .EXE and Web installers and much much more.

shabbir 18Jun2007 10:58

Re: Integrate Javascripts with toolbars
How does your program suits the sections like JSP? Also just don't have the link to your site and don't cross post the same thing here and there but you can use your signature if you want to.

JohnBT 20Jun2007 11:01

Re: Integrate Javascripts with toolbars
There is "Toolbar Javascript interface" implemented in ToolbarStudio software, so you may launch any scripts, watch URLs visited, etc...

Full documentation is accessible at :

shabbir 20Jun2007 11:14

Re: Integrate Javascripts with toolbars
Javascript and JSP aren't same :D

JohnBT 26Jun2007 10:22

Re: Integrate Javascripts with toolbars
Yes , they aren't the same :) ... anyway, you may integrate server-side scripts and mysql databases with the toolbars as follows:
1) Advertising via the toolbar:

a) using the scrolling ticker tape area
b) using the advertising buttons with image that instantly being
shown on the toolbar.
2) Implementing a third party search engine results
3) Counting statistics for toolbar usage time, installation, deinstallation
4) Gathering of the browsing behavior
5) Broadcast messages to your Toolbar users

These scripts are available in PHP/ASP/Perl as Add-ons of ToolbarStudio.

shabbir 26Jun2007 10:47

Re: Integrate Javascripts with toolbars
So does this mean you should be spamming your product in the forums.

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