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Talas 14Jun2007 07:03

Blank Line
I am printing reports in MS Access and for no reason every report that prints has a second page which is blank apart from a line about 1pt wide and I cannot get rid of it could somebody please advise me on what to do.

shabbir 14Jun2007 09:03

Re: Blank Line
I was also stuck in same or I would say similar problem. I could not get the page width less than to some value and after almost doing a PhD I realized I had some line control which is there which I forgot to delete and so could not resize it.

Just press Ctrl + A and see what are the unnecessary controls presents that is adding an extra page.

If not then see that what is the size of the paper selected and see if selecting the larger size helps.

Talas 14Jun2007 11:30

Re: Blank Line
The report I have is rather small so it shouldn't be the width its just strange that there is a single vertical line almost as if a border is slightly too wide but I've changed them and it still hasn't changed it I'm in no way an expert with access but I haven't come across this before.

Talas 25Jun2007 06:01

Re: Blank Line
Does anyone have any other ideas its not a margin width problem I don't know exactly how to explain it but I have the normal report printing as it should but then I'm getting a second page completely blank apart from a vertical line about 1 point in width. There is no second page in the report in access at all so I'm completely lost on this one.

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