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h2g 13Jun2007 23:13

Bradson Technology Professionals
Have you guys every heard of Bradson Technology Professionals? I was recently looking for a job in Seattle and came across their website, <<Link Removed>> . Found a job I was interested in, they have any online job list, and submitted my resume to them. I didnít get that job, however these guys are great, they immediately hooked me up with several interviews for some great jobs. I just started my new job and not only is the position great but the pay is more then I thought I could get. If youíre looking for a job in Seattle or Portland check them out.

shabbir 14Jun2007 08:59

Re: Bradson Technology Professionals
We already have a thread Job Resources for sites that are good in providing jobs or uploading CV's and just don't drop in link here and there.

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