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clocking 13Jun2007 18:35

The Reve's Puzzle
hi ! :cool:
This topic is quite old but I still like it.
So, I can carry my ideal with you. And want you add your ideal, ok?

int A,B,C;
void swap(n,A,B,C)
// I'll fill later

// I'll fill later
I expect everyone help me for ourtopic.
thanks so much! :mad:

DaWei 13Jun2007 19:09

Re: The Reve's Puzzle
You need to read how to post a question. You don't even bother to say what you want. Are we to read your mind? As to the answer, I'll fill later.

shabbir 13Jun2007 19:38

Re: The Reve's Puzzle
Its idea and not ideal but looks you need to ask say what is your idea all about and what you want from us

clocking 22Jul2007 08:20

Re: The Reve's Puzzle
thanks so much.
I can't answer as soon because I very busy in my exam. And now I finished.
I known I also less in expressing. So I very happy if you help me for my problem.

clocking 22Jul2007 08:21

Re: The Reve's Puzzle
Oh, I hope you fill my problem.

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