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prays 12Jun2007 15:31

Content of external site in a frame
I don't have that much experience in java, i'm only looking for at solution because some friends of my told me that java would be the most plausible solution.
But i can try to describe my project in details. I'm making a website where people can earn point for playing and registering for contests etc. But the contests are provided by a external site, and for me to give them their points, i have to be sure that they really have registered for the contest. Thats why i wan't to check the URL or content of the frame, to see when it changes to the confirmation page, that you get when you register. I have found 2 danish sites who have a similar system to what i want, it's www.komogvind.dk and www.lotsmorefree.com.
They actually use the same external website for their contest as I, but i can't quite figure out how they have done it.
I have tried with javascript, but of course you get permission denied, due to the cross-frame security thing. But if someone have a solution to the problem, or will make me the code, i'm willing to pay for a working script.


shabbir 12Jun2007 20:35

Re: Content of external site in a frame
Which contest you are referring to? I don't see any contest but looks like some auctions. It could be based on RSS Feed. What is the url to the external site you are referring.

You are expecting something without providing much of an information.

prays 12Jun2007 21:15

Re: Content of external site in a frame
It isn't one specific url i'm reffering to, it's more the site. But you really have to register for those sites, to see it in action.
The thing is, on lotsmorefree.com you register as a user, then you get points for ordering items, signing up for newsletters or contest where you can win an ipod. Then you go and register for one of those, which is provided by either adfair.dk or mmmedier.dk, and when you have pressed the submit button on the external website, lotsmorefree.com registers that, and give you your points for signing up.
I hope this will shed light on the question.

shabbir 12Jun2007 22:53

Re: Content of external site in a frame
I still can't get your queries. If some site offers such integration you should ask them how it can be done for your site as well.

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