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pradeep 12Jun2007 09:58

Hide Shared Folders Using Net Command
By sharing a folder in Windows XP Professional, it usually means that you want network users to be able to find and access the folder in the My Network Places tool. If you want to share a folder with only certain users, you can use the Net command line tool to essentially hide your computer and shared network folders.

Follow these steps to create the hidden share:

  1. Open a command prompt.
  2. Type this command: net config server /hidden:yes.
  3. Share the folder as you normally would.
If your computer is already sharing network folders, it may take up to 30 minutes for this command to take effect and hide the computer name.

Users who have access to the hidden shared folder can get to it by using the UNC name or by mapping the hidden share to a local drive letter. To unhide the computer, type
net config server /hidden:no

Note: This applies for Windows XP Professional only.

LMatta 26Jun2007 23:37

Re: Hide Shared Folders Using Net Command
I have a question here...

You mentioned as the command line prompt so Is it a SDK Command Line Prompt or Is it a Normal Command Prompt ?

Please Clarify...

pradeep 26Jun2007 23:41

Re: Hide Shared Folders Using Net Command
Obviously, a normal command prompt!

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