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fin7710 10Jun2007 03:23

What Editor and Language?
First off, I'd like to say hello to everyone on this forum as this is my first post here. I am a CS major at Union College and over the summer I would like to keep programming so I dont get rust. I've only used Java and C++ so far, but Im fairly good at both. My idea for the summer is to try and recreate an SNES or Sega Genesis game by using something like flash or maybe some other language. My question is what do you think would be the best language to use and what would be a good editor to use for that language. The games I was thinking of trying to recreate were some of the old Final Fantasy's or Shining Force games. Not full versions , but just a program that would let me run a battle from one of the games. I think I may be able to do this with C++, but I dont know what a good editor for Windows is for C++, or where to get one. Can anyone help me a little and maybe suggest a good language/editor to help me accomplish this task? Thanks.

shabbir 10Jun2007 13:10

Re: What Editor and Language?
Hi and welcome to the forum and it looks like you are a gaming geek.

The best editor for windows + C++ in my Opinion is the one by MS.

fin7710 11Jun2007 02:47

Re: What Editor and Language?
What is the name of the C++ editor for windows by MS? And where can I download g++? I use emacs when Im at school because my teacher uses only linux, but I dont have linux access when I am away from school.

shabbir 11Jun2007 08:15

Re: What Editor and Language?
The Name of the MS compiler or probably the IDE is Visual Studio but its not freely available but the education version may be. Just google it out.

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