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friendsforniraj 8Jun2007 18:42

problem in installing
i am truing to install fedora core 5 into my system
which is very old(i.e. having very old configuration but more than required to install FC5)
it was hanging during installation also . when the installation was complete and i reboot my system ,after the GRUB a message appears saying
"kernel error tried to kill init"
and it stops there itself
please help

my config is amd k6 athlon 450mhz
40 gb harddisk

friendsforniraj 9Jun2007 15:39

Re: problem in installing
some how i have managed to install the fedora core 5
but now problem is dat mouse is not working
even though it is displaying the mouse pointer
though its working in windows enviroment
moreover the cd/dvd rom is not able to detect some cds/dvd
and displaying a message that
"unable to mount on the device"
can anybody tell me what to do?
without mouse its getting lil difficult
please help

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