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esports360 6Jun2007 18:33

Espn Esports360 - Seeking Help Please - Dunno were to post
Good Morning Guys!

Im Sorry I didn't if I was Supposed to post on here, since I didn't see anyone else post!

but Anyways, Im Shane Plante, I have created And design, A gaming Client Similar to (XFIRE) if you no what that is, if not go to www.xfire.com, for more information.

I have a website being made, and my client is being designed, soon, I have a print of my design of the client and I have the detials on what I want on the client it self, now Im not to sure were I can find help woth programing in C, C++, We Are A non Profit Organization, thats just started out/up. We we have several supports, on what we are doing. ex. Viacom, Dice, Seirra. I have past my information and project around seeking attention and responses and outcomes. so far I have recieved awesome comments to persue it, wich I am.

We Are trying to seek investors at the moment, our website was strictly sponsored, by Radiant designs, www.Radiant-designs.net. We Are Also With The Canadian Cancer Society, Seeking Donation Of any Sort, Had to Add that in there.

But Basically We Are Seeking help With our client, C,C++ Jav Perl,

We Are Seeking

Anything relating to the Xfire Client, please check that out, and you will no what I mean! about what I am doing.!

Thank you!
Sorry if im not aloud to post in here, I apologize!


If there is any help at all, please respond! :)

shabbir 7Jun2007 08:54

Re: Espn Esports360 - Seeking Help Please - Dunno were to post
We support open source and we can consider you as well. Whats the product and see if you satisfy majority of the criteria mentioned in the open source thread.

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