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vyshnavi 5Jun2007 17:05

System calls

I am working on visual c++ 6.0.I have to compile and execute a program using system calls.(system command).Main program is compiling a program file using tcc system command.
The program is compiling without any errors or warnings but in my output window command prompt is appearing stopping the further execution.

help me?

shabbir 5Jun2007 17:51

Re: System calls
Would you mind sharing the code which you think is aborting abnormally?

vyshnavi 6Jun2007 12:51

Re: System calls
Thanks 4r replying.
Actually I am working on the code which has to transfer files 4m one system to another.In main program i created a thread to accept that program file and then compile&run using TCC command.then i have to send the result file back to the system which sent that program file.

Everything is wrking is fine but after compiling program file it is just coming out of the main thread.

shabbir 6Jun2007 14:31

Re: System calls
In TCC I am not sure how you are doing a thread. If you have the thread you should wait for the thread to end before you proceed to end in main.

vyshnavi 6Jun2007 16:20

Re: System calls
ya ur right,but the thread in which we r compiling is killing not only that thread but also the main thread also.
here after compiling it is returning to the command prompt.(no further execution)

vyshnavi 6Jun2007 16:44

Re: System calls
Can anyone help me?
I am working on visual c++6.0.(windows socket programming).I have 2 transfer the files from one system to another.I am using threads for this(CreateThread()).
The problem is i am not able to transfer all files,only some files are transferred.also different files are transferred each time i run.(file 1, 2,6 first time i run and files 2 4 7 transferred next time i run)
If i am using debugging mode i.e using f10 all files are transferred.

What is the problem?

shabbir 6Jun2007 18:20

Re: System calls
The problem looks like is with the timing.

vyshnavi 6Jun2007 18:36

Re: System calls
I forgot to mention one thing ,actually i'm passing the structure to the thread that trnsfers the file. this structure contains the information about the file.only some part of the structure is received by the thread,but other information is vanishing.I donot know how?

DaWei 6Jun2007 20:11

Re: System calls
Read Shabbir's post #2. You're looking at the code and you can't figure it out, but you want someone else to do it in the dark?

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