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apples 5Jun2007 12:13

beginner needs urgent help
What I want to do is make a Voice chat room with administrative functions embedded in a website. i think the best way is to use Java, but I don't have a clue about Java.
i can't start from scratch and learn the language, because this is really important and I have less time.
i was hoping if any of you could help me and guide me in making one.
Thanks a lot!

apples 6Jun2007 13:59

Re: beginner needs urgent help
Please I would really appreciate if someone can just guide me in what I should do. if you could tell me which direcion i can go in. Maybe i can learn or maybe hire someone to make one for me.
i'd really apprecuate help

apples 14Jun2007 22:56

Re: beginner needs urgent help
Please help or at least guide!

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