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DEV-CPP 30May2007 09:28

HI, New Here Need Help
Hi,I am new to C\C++ i would like to know of a good IDE with compiler other than dev and a microsoft one. And could you point me to some good tutorials of C\C++ and WIN32 API

domain 4Jun2007 19:08

Re: HI, New Here Need Help
Well, Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 is the best thing you could get :) try to get use with it.
for tutorials, just type in google.com: c++ tutorials

DaWei 4Jun2007 22:25

Re: HI, New Here Need Help
Oh, my Lord, get real. Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 was released it 1998. It is minimally compliant with the standard, which was released after that time. As for the two you don't want: MS VC2005 Express Edition is free and has one of the best debuggers around. Dev-Cpp is also free, but the debugger is not nearly as good.

If you want something else decent, you'll probably have to pay for it. I also use Borland, but it isn't free; nor is Intel's, which is very good.

domain 4Jun2007 22:33

Re: HI, New Here Need Help
DaWei, you are right, VC++ 6.0 is old, but the most tutorials use it. there are a few tutorials that use MS VC2005 Express Edition or Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 ..

DaWei 5Jun2007 00:01

Re: HI, New Here Need Help
Standard code is not defined by compilers and tutorials, but the other way around. If one compiles tutorial code and receives errors, then one needs to correct the tutorials. Many tutorials (including some from MS), for instance, declare

void main (....)

While that may be supported by a number of compilers, it is not supported by the standard. The same is true of things like "fflush (stdin);". One needs to understand that these things are wrong, even if some compilers don't complain, and actually use proprietary extensions to make them work.

Complete portability is often not possible, but one should try to understand what one is dealing with.

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