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sakthi.abdullah 23May2007 11:56

Migration from JRun to Tomcat
I am very new to J2EE.I ve to migrate an application from JRun to TomCat.Someone please help me in knowing these:
What are the areas we have to focus before migration?
what are the JRun specific configuration settings?
Major deployment issues..
Please let me know if u know any documents in this regard.


sakthi.abdullah 25Jul2007 18:36

Re: Migration from JRun to Tomcat
NObody replied :(

//After 4 months of workk
Here is what I did

The main things u have to consider while migrating from JRUN to TOMCAT are:

Some patterns acceptable in jrun are not applicable here in tomcat
//individually check for each and every pattern by commenting ...
/*Controller [works in jrun]
/controller [change like this in tomcat]

2)necessary jar files:
place the necessary jar files for your application in your tomcat/shared/lib
It can be refernced in your previous jrun environment jrun/servers/lib

3)see files like .properties
here you can modify the information like path,database details ..etc

sakthi.abdullah 25Jul2007 19:29

Re: Migration from JRun to Tomcat
To add on:

Also When ur running tomcat ,,look for tomcat icon: 'll be there on the system tray

[B]Right Click-->Configure-->Java TAB-->java classpath-->
add neccesary jarfiles path
e,g:E:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 5.5.8\shared\lib\remobj.jar;;[/

Hint: Look for log files to see what classes are needed
And that class file is in what jar file

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