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kamranrt 17Feb2011 13:54

Re: Why use PHP for server-side scripting?

Originally Posted by Magena (Post 35278)

IS asp better than php? I heard somewhere that asp is used in corporate levl but on the other hand php used in commercial level.
IS it true?


I have read an interesting article about a similar topic ....
i think you must check it out it will help you to learn which one is better PHP or ASP..

shrnmlss6 20Jul2011 16:14

Re: Why use PHP for server-side scripting?
php is open source and it is free downloadable (freely downloadable from from php.net and zend.com). php version 5.2.14 is available on Webserve.A dynamic Web page interacts with the user, so that each user visiting the page sees customized information. PHP can also be used to create dynamic web pages that are generated from information accessed from a MySQL database.we can also increase the memory limit in php.ini file.

Rocky11 22Jul2011 15:55

Re: Why use PHP for server-side scripting?
Php is widely used for web development. Because it is efficient and effective because of the open source tools available for its support. Any beginners can make use of the online tutorials to learn this scripting language.

j.smith1981 18Jul2012 14:25

Re: Why use PHP for server-side scripting?

Originally Posted by pein87 (Post 78998)
@Magena there are corporations that use php and commercial software that uses asp.net. The major difference is asp can be used as both windows programming and web programing while php can do both its not as easy to do. ASP sites are compiled when ran into windows byte code and can only run on windows while php has its own byte code and can run anywhere and without a server. If your using windows the best option is ASP because of the visual IDE so your apps can be made as fast as possible. because of this corporations use it over any other language due to its easy to create nature. It also leads to a batch of coders who dont know how to code and rely on components and hand outs. You could say that ASP runs faster because you have to strong type the code so it does not need to guess the types on compile.

Have you considered Netbeans or Eclipse (I know Netbeans has a plugin for PHP) that's an IDE aimed more at the Open source languages. But to get those working for C or C++ you'd need cygwin for the debuggers. But to say there's no IDE for PHP is wrong just thought I'd make you aware.

j.smith1981 18Jul2012 14:31

Re: Why use PHP for server-side scripting?
Sorry I just wanted to rephrase that I am sorry, you didn't say there wasn't any IDE's for PHP but honestly Netbeans is (I think personally) one of the best IDE's out there. Though I have never used Eclipse.

There is the Zend Studio Client which can plug into a Zend Server (an extension to a HTTP server) that can profile performance of your PHP applications on the web and show you codes which are taking longer to process through so you can spot problems much quicker.

But to use some of Zend Servers more Advanced Features (all of them actually) you have to pay for a licence. Zend Client is pretty much like Visual Studio really (least I remember it being called that years ago in 2005/06).

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