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rhid1986 18May2007 00:09

hi everyone need advice
i think the gf is cheating. need to cheak her emails to verify. how can i do this

shabbir 18May2007 08:09

Re: hi everyone need advice
Have better titles for better responses. I would suggest you read the thread Before you make a query.

Darkness1337 18May2007 23:20

Re: hi everyone need advice
right, lol,I did it before but i found nothing but crap......
and we fall out anyway..... lol :D all for good but well **** it, bak to title...

Use Keylogger.....
I Used Perfect Keylogger

you can create remote installation kit... and send it to person you want(if you dont know how to do it E-mail I'll tell ya) [but it's easy to create tho] and then the keylogger will upload every keystroke to ur web or send it through mail..

I bet you have her MSN addy so when she's online send her that file saying it's something like pic or song, and when she downloaded it, your done........... :)

so all you gotta do is, open and check the log files and hunt for the password/passwords ....... if you find it, job done :D

then you can check em....... lol

btw dont worry about em cheating, they're just rubbish, they only good for one thing! ****!! :)

Darkness1337 18May2007 23:23

Re: hi everyone need advice
and mmmmmm if you want the registration code, i'll give ya that aswell ! :)

Darkness1337 18May2007 23:26

Re: hi everyone need advice

heres the link for it....

read the instruction on the web site... Hope that'll helps ya... :)

gd luck/....

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