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blackey 17May2007 23:39

Quiet System Calls in C++
Hello all

I am attempting to make quiet system calls from C++ in order to run a batch file without the user knowing. I am going to eventually make this cross platform (windows and linux) although for now i am currently looking for a windows solution.

So I guess i'm looking for two things...
1. To call a program from windows without the user knowing
2. C++ program to pause until the system call has completed


DaWei 18May2007 03:01

Re: Quiet System Calls in C++
See the "system" keyword, and output redirection.

blackey 18May2007 03:53

Re: Quiet System Calls in C++
the system keyword makes the command prompt box appear, this is what i am trying to avoid. I am trying shellExecute() with the hide flag, but the c++ app seems to not wait for the command to quit before continuing on, if this was fixed, i would be golden.

blackey 18May2007 05:40

Re: Quiet System Calls in C++

                string cmdline = "pscp.exe -r -batch -scp -pw \""+m_password+"\" \""+m_file+"\" \""+m_username+"\"@\""+m_host+"\":\""+m_remotedir+"\"";

                STARTUPINFO          si = { sizeof(si) };
                PROCESS_INFORMATION  pi;
                char                *szExe = (char *)cmdline.c_str();

                if(CreateProcess(0, (LPSTR)szExe, 0, 0, FALSE, 0, 0, 0, &si, &pi))
                        WaitForSingleObject(pi.hProcess, INFINITE);

Thanks for the help

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