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CaJack 16May2007 02:42

User unregistration
Iíve used the createUserWizard to allow users and Iím using the various other login controls around my site. The information goes to the default sql database aspnet.mdf and to the tables aspnet_Membership and aspnet_Users. I was wondering is there was a control or a easy way to unregister? I was thinking if there isnít a control I could grap the username like thisÖ

UserName = Page.User.Identity.Name.ToString()
Then query the tables for rows that match the username and delete the rows. But then how would I sign the user out once they have unregistered? Is there any code to sign a user out that I could put in a click event with the unregister stuff?

A bit off topic now but hey. When I type something likeÖ

Private Sub Test()
End Sub

Is that called a sub routine? Iíve been using them a lot as itís extremely useful. Any help would be great. Thanks.

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