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XXxxImmortalxxXX 7Jul2008 16:10

Re: Godaddy review
yea i had goddaddy once and i really didnt like them actually when i registerded my domain name the server actually thought i typed something else but i didnt it and it registerd a diff domain than what i had orgianly typed in and made me pay for it i contacted godaddy and it took them about 4 weeks to fix it and they hardly keep you updated on information that you really need

LukaB 5Mar2009 01:00

Re: Godaddy review
This is very nice, Godaddy is my favorite and for all. It does not scam and it is very good. thnx for sharing.

indiansword 5Mar2009 18:55

Re: Godaddy review

Originally Posted by LukaB (Post 43923)
This is very nice, Godaddy is my favorite and for all. It does not scam and it is very good. thnx for sharing.

i think u should stop ur spamming :P

go through the entire thread, its about how godaddy cheated shabbir, and not how they helped him :P

Tehseen 26Apr2009 19:23

Re: Godaddy review
Dear Shabbir,

We are also well aware of what godaddy.com is doing. We have come through many customers facing the same problems.

Let me introduce ourselves.

We are the U.S based company providing web based solutions. We can guarantee that we can provide the cheapest packages in International Market. We have the best features which can be compared with any other web hosting providing company.

The most important thing is, we offer what we can provide. We don't attract users by providing non-realistic offers.

We have dedicated / shares Window and Linux based servers, which can handle thousands of customers. Uptime 99.99%, and use Intel based processors. One more quality feature is providing "Daily Backups".

We are so well equipped, that we can cater your every need.

For more details regarding our services and great packages, Please contact at:

email address : email.tehseen@yahoo.com
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Looking forward to have a conversation with you. Thanks

shabbir 26Apr2009 20:07

Re: Godaddy review
Tehseen, No self promotion in posts but use the signatures for your business promotion and participate in forums

unni krishnan.r 30May2010 08:14

Re: Godaddy review

sbarrow47 12Jul2010 04:50

Re: Godaddy review
Godaddy sucks

seomixi 20Aug2010 12:29

Re: Godaddy review
i am using godaddy for last one year , did't got any issue but i was in a impression that godaddy is best , i should review my godaddy opinion.

sarkarinaukris 6Jan2011 14:59

Re: Godaddy review
great informtion

webmaster12 9Jul2011 19:54

Re: Godaddy review
Its a pity that you have experienced this much of problem.After reading this thread people will surely give a second thought while choosing godadday as their web host.

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