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Judas 12May2007 20:11

Game Development
We're currently seeking one or two C++ Prorammers that have the following qualities:

- Strong in graphics programming.
- OpenGL and SDL knowledge.
- knowledge in shader programming for shader version 3 using GLSL

- Not a beginner
- Able to receive instructions
- Having time and motivation
- Sci-Fi and Robot Fan

- Some knowledge in AI, Pathfinding algorithms

send me a e-mail at wouterdude1@hotmail.com if you want the job.

shabbir 12May2007 21:14

Re: Game Development
I think you should be having the country/city specific info as well as that may help the responses.

Judas 12May2007 21:55

Re: Game Development
Paid: No
Location: Anywhere on the globe
Type: Volunteer work that might lead to a paid job
Requirements: See first post
Time frame: Two months Minimum

:) Couldn't find a edit button

shabbir 12May2007 22:16

Re: Game Development
You don't have the edit options till you get to 50 posts for some spam reasons observed.

elec.shabnam 26Feb2008 19:30

Re: Game Development
i m from elec branch,is this opening for me

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