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eledamasun_d1 12May2007 00:08

"Hello Everyone"
Hello to everymember of the forums. To make little introduction about myself, i'm a computer science student studying Bsc. Computer Science and i'm purposely joinning this website in order to have broad knowledge about every aspect of computer. Later on, as soon as i have a specialization, i can later focus on that. Pls everyone should find it easy to help with one or two ways to make little cash probably teaching me some fundamental things like web-designing and ethical hacking together with some programming. In this forum, i think i'm the youngest and novice of all bcos i'm still a university undergraduate.

Pls, everyone should join hands to help me.

Best Regards to everyone.

Darkness1337 12May2007 04:21

Re: "Hello Everyone"
ello.... :D
nice to know u,
heres lil bit about me
now am doing Btec IT practitoner Level 2 in college n a will be doing BND (Btec National Diploma) next year, which is two year course and I may go to Uni after that :D lol
people here allways helps All you gotta do is post your question with every possible detail n you'll get a answer soon.... :) lol

Have fun m8!

eledamasun_d1 12May2007 04:41

Re: "Hello Everyone"
Thanks for the mesge..................

shabbir 12May2007 09:21

Re: "Hello Everyone"
Welcome to the forum and if you are looking to make some bucks then these days the best thing is to have the quality because every one is doing the what you want to, but of course if you can be one of the quality in what you do, you can make some good bucks doing simple things.

Ethical Hacking is also in the same category and so its all about quality.

Now if you are looking for some job then you should be doing the academic way.

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