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Get_Rakesh 26Aug2005 17:58

MS Word Doc file creation
Hi experts,

I am developing a project in which i hav used MSWORD.OLB class to create a document file in VC++. But there are a lot of function in this class collection. If any body have worked on this class and knows how to create a new DOC file and how a text can be added in new created file, Reply soon....

Thanks in advance.

shabbir 27Aug2005 13:15

Re: MS Word Doc file creation

First of all I would like to welcome you to this programming forum and I hope you get help and help other on this knowledge sharing community.

Now about your queries about using the Word Application Object and using it here is the link from MSDN that can help you.
The above link is related to Excel but its quite simple to start with All MSWord links are quite complex and I hope this will help you.

Shabbir Bhimani

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