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matthughesfan1980 8May2007 07:20

prime number program in C
Hello all i am so new and trying to learn while i serve.
I am supposed to write a program that prints out the first n primes, where n is input by the user. I am supposed to write my program in its own directory in three files: primes.h, main.c, and is_prime.c
This is what the output is supposed to look like:


How many do you want to see? 3000


    1:      2
    2:      3
    3:      5
    4:      7
    5:    11
  25:    97
  26:    101
 2998:  27431
 2999:  27437
 3000:  27449

This is the files that I have so far:

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

int  is_prime(int n);


#include "primes.h"

int is_prime(int n)
  int  k, limit;

  if (n == 2)
      return 1;
  if (n % 2 == 0)
      return 0;
  limit = n / 2;
  for (k = 3; k <= limit; k += 2)
      if (n % k == 0)
        return 0;
  return 1;


#include "primes.h"

int main(void)
  printf("PRIMES WILL BE PRINTED\n\n");
  printf("How many do you want to see?    \n");
  return 0;

I dont know how to link it to the files and what to fill in the main.c file to make it work. Some guidance would be great

shabbir 8May2007 08:59

Re: prime number program in C
Please use the Code Block when you have code in the posts
Give an appropriate Title. Your title said Visual Basic and you gave the code of C/C++. I edited it for you.
You just happen to post in Introduce yourself and I moved to C-C++ for better response.
Also you had the same post as an article of C-C++

pradeep 8May2007 11:10

Re: prime number program in C
Checkout this thread http://www.go4expert.com/showthread.php?t=2049 , I hope this will be of help!

DaWei 8May2007 15:34

Re: prime number program in C
It depends on your compiler. Read your compiler instructions, then if you don't understand them, post back, naming your system and compiler.

aVague 8May2007 23:37

Re: prime number program in C
You need to compile them together or what?

if yes, one way is to copy "is_primes.h" and "is_prime.c" in libraly of Builder or visual studio(if you have)
to "include" - you ll find it , where your program(builder/studio) is installed. if you cant (so you have linux and "vim"), then you collect ALL this programs in compiling directory and write, as usual , "gcc..."

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