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romcab 8May2007 06:46

hi guys,
pls. help me about PNG format. pls reply to my question about it.


DaWei 8May2007 06:50

Re: Help!!!!
First, learn how to post in a way that's helpful to you and to the forum. "Help!!!" is a crappy search term for other people looking for solutions. Secondly, don't post multiple threads with the same question. Thirdly, don't use a new thread to bump an old thread that is insufficiently worded so as to receive any kind of help.

If you want an answer to a question, make the question clear. Include every iota of applicable information you have. We do not indulge in magic, voodoo, or crystal balls.

Grow up. How do you ever expect to contribute to society or a commercial interest if you act like a whiny child.

aVague 8May2007 23:27

Re: Help!!!!
: D
he ' s , probably , chess fanat or something like that , cause it ' s a format of moves in chess game .
in theme is no use...

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