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loyo 20Feb2010 21:45

Re: Search Engine optimization
help Keep it up!
It is simple , but it is complete.

IBNSC 3May2010 07:43

Re: Search Engine optimization
thanks for you sharing

Gloria 4May2010 06:24

Re: Search Engine optimization
thanks for you sharing

secockpit 5May2010 19:34

Re: Search Engine optimization
One of the keys to success (generally in life) is being able to break a large task into bite-sized chunks, which you can actually solve.

I guess if you want to SEO a site - that'd be a massive task. Most people don't even know where to start. Others give up because they don't see results quick enough.

My point is this: if you break things down into little tasks, suddenly SEO becomes feasible for anyone -> with that in mind I created SECockpit, a Complete Search Engine Marketing Tool: secockpit.com -> a Tool, which automatically creates SEO Tasks for you to complete everyday.

Check out my Website and tell me what you think!

Jennyty 17May2010 16:30

Re: Search Engine optimization
Great article Shabbir, thanks for posting! I really liked the concise summary you providedÖ Iím definitely going to have to refer people to what you wrote, itís a big issue that I deal with constantly.

agraj 17May2010 16:59

Re: Search Engine optimization
much much informative for newcomers in SEO industry.
and very thankful for this all you wrote here, its very simple to understand and excellent information covers.

thanks again.

satyedra pal 20May2010 12:35

Re: Search Engine optimization
By using SEO we can get a good position of our site in SERP(search engine result pages).SEO improve the visitors or traffic or volume of our site.By using SEO we can create more and more Backlinks which plays an important role for increasing website rank and traffic.

jameskerry 15Jun2010 18:42

Re: Search Engine optimization
Good article...Thanks

Eola 16Jun2010 19:30

Re: Search Engine optimization
good article.
For my opinion searching the right keywords is a necessary part in SEO, so you have to choose the best tool for that case.. i don't want to advertise anything, but for example i use semrush and glad with the results...

freebestmovies 18Jun2010 07:45

Re: Search Engine optimization
very good SEO article, specially for who just start learning, it will help

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