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CaJack 6May2007 22:50

Money in SQL
I'm having some trouble with my asp.net page and my sql database. What I'm trying to do is allow the user to upload an number to the database, the number is a money amount like 2.00 (2.00) or 20.00(20.00). I've tried using money and smallmoney datatypes but the numbers usually end up looking like this in the database...
I enter 2.00 and in the database it looks like 2.00000, and even if I enter the information directly into the database I get the same results. I'm not going to be using big numbers with lots of decimal places like this 1000,000,0000. Can anyone help me? All I want is to know what to set the value to on my aspx page and what setting to set the field to in my database, I'd just like two pound to appear as 2.00. any help would be great.


pradeep 7May2007 10:05

Re: Money in SQL
Use string formatting,

Code: VB.Net

'Create a var. named price that will be formatted as a currency
Dim price as Double = 3.1
Dim s as String 'create a string

s = String.Format("{0:c}", price)


or perhaps something else, depending on your Web server's global locale information - that is, in China it may display a Yen symbol instead of the dollar sign

clocking 14Jun2007 16:28

Re: Money in SQL
hi !
can you tell me about the connection asp.net to Sql server 2000. My connection has been failed.
That is failure in user's name " sa ".
So I had to chance Access.
thanks so much.

pradeep 14Jun2007 17:12

Re: Money in SQL
Please refer to this thread http://www.go4expert.com/showthread.php?t=2559

clocking 14Jun2007 18:53

Re: Money in SQL
Thank you. I'll try it later when I have freetime.
where are you doing now?

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