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vucuongkg 6May2007 12:38

Hi ..

$intro=" Hi, there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D . I am Vietnamese .Nice to meet you !!!! .
My IYM: vucuongkg \n "
$decor="~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~"
echo $intro
echo $decor

shabbir 6May2007 14:19

Re: Hi ..
Welcome to the forum and I have edited the title of your post to something relevant.

vucuongkg 6May2007 17:33

Re: Hi ..
Thank you , but I don't like that
22222222222222 in my country pronoun like "hi " but if you don't like let change it for me
Thanks alot

shabbir 6May2007 21:12

Re: Hi ..
I could not get you. Your title of 22222222222222 is not like hi but then you should be having something meaningful so admin / moderators don't need to edit it.

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