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makhan 6May2007 10:44

Transforming Matlab application into PHP

I have an image processing application in matlab I want to create a webbased interface for this application. Can someone suggest whats the besst approach to do that. Either to convert the whole code of matlab into php or asp etc or there are tools which automatically do that conversion.


shabbir 6May2007 14:32

Re: Transforming Matlab application into PHP
I am not sure your complete code can be converted into PHP but what can be done is have an output (image or whatever) from the Matlab into some web location and then just display using the web interface. Thats the best that can be done.

pete_bisby 5Dec2007 00:40

Re: Transforming Matlab application into PHP
It depends what "image processing" Matlab actually does. How does Matlab get hold of the image? Does it have to be a certain type of image or a certain resolution?

The GD library plugin for PHP is quite powerful in image creation, manipulation and processing. There may be some functions within the GD library that can re-create the functionality you have within Matlab. Have a look at the following chapter in the PHP Manual (http://www.php.net/manual/en/ref.image.php) for installation of the GD library with PHP and the associated functions.

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