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Phani 4May2007 08:44

What is BOT.
Hi guys, Can U tell me what is a internet bot, how does it work, ands the different types of bots, Is there any useful site to know about this type vulnerabilities. please Its urgent.

shabbir 4May2007 09:19

Re: What is BOT.
A bot is an automated program (mainly used by search engines or spammers to collect email addresses) that accesses a web site and traverses through the site by following the links present on the pages.

Phani 4May2007 11:02

Re: What is BOT.
Thanks for the information. Your are telling about the bot that runs on the server where the application runs. And what about the bot which runs on the network. And also i want to know about ring bot

shabbir 4May2007 11:34

Re: What is BOT.
Bots run on the network but they are initiated from the server. I have not heard about the ring bot.

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