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Henica 2May2007 04:26

I could use some help please. :)
Basically, what I'm trying to do is this.

I have a my own webserver, and my website is ready to be built.

But I cannot decide which programming language would be best for what the website is going to be be for.

It's a website, that is going to list available people for doing tasks, that you can hire.

It would contain profiles for each available person for hire, as well as profiles of people looking for people to hire.

Make sense?

These people who would be contributing their information would have the option to design their profile page, with HTML/CSS.

There would also be a default template for those who are not so savvy in the programming field.

There would need to be a search option so you can search the people looking and then people to be hired sot hat you can find the exact person you are looking for.

Does this all make sense?

I can't decide which language to do such a thing on.

I'm pretty knowledgeable when it comes to languages and such. And I'm welcome to learn something new for this project, if need be.

What would you suggest?

shabbir 2May2007 08:06

Re: I could use some help please. :)
You have the choices of any server side language like PHP, ASP, JSP .... and whichever you think you know the best you can go for that. If you would ask which is the easiest I would say PHP is the best for starters

Henica 2May2007 10:55

Re: I could use some help please. :)
Hmm. What would be a good place for a tutorial on such a thing?

I'm not too handy with PHP as of yet.

shabbir 2May2007 10:58

Re: I could use some help please. :)
You are at the right place buddy. Go through some of the articles here to start with and also you can Google it out. Also you can refer to some of the articles in sitepoint.com

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