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tutorialstuff 1May2007 01:16

I'd just thought I'd stop in and introduce myself! My name is Mike. I've just started my web project for myself and not a client at tutorialstuff.com .

I have been browsing this forum for a few days and finally bit the bullet and joined.

So hi to everyone and if you would like to give any advice on my site at tutorialstuff.com , I'd be more than happy to hear it.

Thanks! - Mike

shabbir 1May2007 09:08

Re: Heyooo
Very nicely designed site. I would suggest having more of the site navigation on the home page rather than have so much of ads. Ads will fetch you bucks but then its for the user the site is not for the bucks.

tutorialstuff 1May2007 18:50

Re: Heyooo
I do plan on integrating the ads a little better. I don't want them to seem so obtrusive. Any suggestions on this?

Thanks - Mike

shabbir 1May2007 20:30

Re: Heyooo
Keep them to a minimal and try having ads on pages that can provide you maximum output instead of having ads every where. Thats my idea and its working here as well. Do you think you are annoyed with the ads here?

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