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cbesh2 24Apr2007 22:06

I am developing a database using MySQL and PHP for the company I work for and would like to include non-web hyperlinks that are associated with each project. Is this possible? I know it can be done with .doc, .xls, and .pdf but we have other file types that we use in our company. Thanks for your help in advance.

Sorry if I posted this in the wrong forum.

shabbir 25Apr2007 07:54

Re: hyperlinks
Are you talking about the links pointing to the same page in a page / document.

pradeep 25Apr2007 10:09

Re: hyperlinks
Are talking about linking your local files?

cbesh2 25Apr2007 19:03

Re: hyperlinks
Hyperlinks from my webpage (PHP) to files on my harddrive (or networked computers)>

pradeep 25Apr2007 19:07

Re: hyperlinks
You can link to files on your harddrive but that'd only be accessible by you, but if you put a link to a network share it'll be accessible by everyone on the network, given they have access to the shared item.

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