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Logistical Solutions 22Apr2007 01:43

Some Guidance Needed
Hello Programmers,

I was looking for some advice in regards to a software business idea I have. Unfortunately for me I am the business side of things and not the computer programming side. Basically my business colleagues (myself included) have been looking to add a few programmers to our business team. Truth be told, we do not know exactly what we should be looking for in a programmer, we really only know what we want the program to do. So I have to come to a forum like this to get some answers from people with the expertise in this field. I was hoping someone could give me the answers or some direction to the following questions:

The software would focus on mapping (get from point A to point B while traversing objects in between.)
1.) Is there a preferential programming language for mapping?
2.) Is there open source code on the internet that I can be directed to?

The program could be used potentially world wide, so there is a need for multiple languages
3.) For multi-language capabilities is there a preferential software language?

The program would be displayed in 3-D graphics
4.) Is there a potential programming language that is best for graphics?

Any answers or direction to any of these questions would be a great help and would be greatly appreciated.


arbaz.it 26Feb2008 19:42

Re: Some Guidance Needed
still opening

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