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bughunter2 18Apr2007 03:12

Cross-compiling GTK+ on Linux
I've been setting up a cross compiler environment on my Linux box (Slackware 11). I want to compile a GTK+ application on the Linux box with target 'mingw32' so I can run the application on a Windows box.

This tutorial is the one I used to install a cross compiler, I modified some parts of the script to install w32api 3.9 and only languages C, C++ and G77, binutils 2.16.91 and of course the mingw32 runtime 3.12.
Link to tut: http://mingw.org/MinGWiki/index.php/BuildMingwCross

Then I followed this tutorial to setup GTK+, it's header files, to configure the pkg-config files and I used the example 'cross.env' to setup a temporary environment for cross-compiling.
Link to tut: http://www.ecn.wfu.edu/~cottrell/cross-gtk/

I don't know exactly what causes the problem, below are links to some the source files I tried to compile. One is the compilation error log file and one is the source code of a GTK+ example with a very small script that executes the 'source' command and then invokes the compiler.
Link to error log: http://www.reversemasters.nl/attachments/errorlog.txt <-- Tiny URL link edited
Link to source codes: http://www.reversemasters.nl/attachments/base.tar.gz <-- Tiny URL link edited

NOTE: I did successfully compile without using the mingw32 cross-compiler, however cross-compiling is the problem I want to solve.

shabbir 18Apr2007 06:04

Re: Cross-compiling GTK+ on Linux
Offtopic comment:
I have edited to remove the Tiny URL's and don't have them in posts as they may flag the posts as spam sometimes.

bughunter2 18Apr2007 21:05

Re: Cross-compiling GTK+ on Linux
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Oh I didn't know, thanks anyway, I tend to tinyurl everything lately :p

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