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emorejjerome 17Apr2007 17:03

little help here please.
hi there! i just want to know how to make a SIP-based soft phone. using JAIN-SIP

can anyone help me and teach how to? thanks!

my goal in this project is to make a call to another pc.

of course they gave a server proxy..

so please help me how to. thanks!

thisisme 19Apr2007 11:46

Re: little help here please.
soft phone are use in pc to pc call right? or pc to phone to other country?

emorejjerome 20Apr2007 11:24

Re: little help here please.
it should have both of its capacity to cal pc to pc and pc to phone to other country

im already equipped with a sip server/ username/ passoword/ and domain...

all i need to do or to make is the phone itselft...

i still have 3 weeks to do it. so please help me.

i have to learn how to connect first to a sip server

hehe... im currently using netbeans 5.5

but if you have other good suggestions of SDK

please do help me. thanks!

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