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Murray16 16Apr2007 06:02

Newbie here, hi everyone
Hi Everyone!

I'm new here to learn about programming to help my website. I just recently opened an online silkscreening business and I need to learn about ways to help myself out with SEO and java among other things. It won't be easy given my lack of experience but I'm going to give it my all.

Joseph Murray

shabbir 16Apr2007 06:21

Re: Newbie here, hi everyone
You have some good articles and thread in what you are trying to learn and going through them will help you take off and if you have anything you can always discuss.

Murray16 16Apr2007 06:25

Re: Newbie here, hi everyone
Yea, I was actually just reading through a bunch of articles you had posted in the Promotion Technique. Great stuff and I'm taking notes.

shabbir 16Apr2007 08:11

Re: Newbie here, hi everyone
Also you can refer to the SEO section as well and I have some there as well. hehe ... self promotion.

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