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evileye 15Apr2007 09:23

Advnc windows fundas...
Hell i am posting after a long long time... Hope i am welcomed. :p Hehe anyways.

The objective of this tutor is to make u ppl aware of advance windows tools like WMIC - Windows Management Instrumentation Command-line and IPSEC - Internet Protocol security.

Well in brief... lets begin...
WMIC - Windows Management Instrumentation Command-line
It is an advance mode for administration of windows s/m's. to install wmic -> cmd -> then type wmic -> INSTALLED.

we can excute cmd's in 2 ways...

1) type wmic followed by alias
2) enter wmic control n type commands.

Eg's for easier understanding...

1) wmic process list breif - will list all running processos with brief info.

2) type wmic -> you will goto wmic console, ther u enter aliasis.

eg: (console herewmic:whatecer): process where(caption="firefox.exe") call terminate

This will search firefox P if running and terminate it.

For help on aliases type /?

list of all aliases will be seen.


Ask if you have doubts, if i am not busy or if i know i will ans them. ;]
IPSEC -Internet Protocol security

Most of the advance users are aware of IPSEC and its usage but today i felt like making it known to ppl who dont know it. But in brief as i r bored, and i m experimenting wid IPSEC commands.

Well IPSEC - Internet Protocol security (IPsec) is a framework of open standards for ensuring private, secure communications over Internet Protocol (IP) networks through the use of cryptographic security services. The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) IPsec working group defines the IPsec standards. [Mikr0soft]

Ipsec can be used to harden your system with some good firewall, it can be used to block ads, prevent packets from reaching your system, outgoing packets. They may be TCP UPD ICMP etc...

First to use IPSEC, u need to install some files or fixex, use the MSI file included in the support folder of the windows cd or just go to microsoft.com and search for IPSEC you will get a patch to use its features. Lets directly skip to the interesting part, after dling...

fire cmd.exe

type ipseccmd

a nag screen runs... this tells its installed.

type ipseccmd -? for help.

LEMME show you how to block some packet....

ipseccmd -w REG -p "evileye-adblock" -r "Block Outbound connections to IGA servers" -f 0= -n BLOCK -x

where -w reg : writes the policies to the local registry
-p XXX : specifies the name of the policy
-r YYY : specifies the name of the rule
-f filterlist : "SourceAddress/SourceMask:SourcePort= DestAddress/DestMask:DestPort:Protocol"

where protocol is one of ICMP,UDP,RAW, or TCP

* = anyone, 0 = this IP address replacing the "=" with a "+" mirrors the filter


Another simple example....

ipseccmd -x -w reg -p "Evils filter ploicy" -r "UDP Blocked" -n BLOCK -f *+0::UDP

blocks UDP arriving from ip.

Well thats enough, IPSEC is a vast sub area of WINDOWS learn it to know more about it. It also provides some features as tunneling etc.

shabbir 15Apr2007 09:32

Re: Advnc windows fundas...
You are always welcome but I could not get the WMIC means is it Windows Management Instrumentation Console or Windows measurement instrumentation Console

evileye 15Apr2007 09:57

Re: Advnc windows fundas...
Thanks shabbir. :)

Sorry its....

Windows measurement instrumentation, i had written this a long time ago in my community. :p

So did not quite remember but i still remember and use it for system administration. :)

evileye 15Apr2007 09:59

Re: Advnc windows fundas...
Shit its...

Windows Management Instrumentation Command-line (WMIC)

evileye 15Apr2007 10:03

Re: Advnc windows fundas...
Cud u plz edit that for me admin?

Its Windows Management Instrumentation.

So plz.... replace those.

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