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himanshujalota 14Apr2007 10:21

HTML File printing
:o hey friends cud anyone tell me the code for printing a HTML file kept in any location in my computer from command prompt , but should be a c or a C++ or MFC code :)

shabbir 14Apr2007 11:47

Re: HTML File printing
Do you need a code for printing or you need the command line options to print.

himanshujalota 17Apr2007 17:21

Re: HTML File printing
ya i need the code, it will be grateful of u if u can provide me with it.

shabbir 17Apr2007 18:54

Re: HTML File printing
Some default app to provide the execution of the print verb.

I will explain.

Search in Registry the .html Key under HKCR
See the value of Default
Search that under HKCR
Open the html -> Shell -> Print -> and get the default value of it and fire the print job replacing the file name with %1 or something.

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