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Peter_APIIT 13Apr2007 14:12

Cannot login to GUI Mode(Username is not recongnized)
Hello everyone, nice to meet you all.

I have used Linux for less than half year so this question it might a little noob. Please forgive my stupidness.

Here is the story, when i try to login to GUI mode. The screen display an erro message which is

d:cannot find name for user ID:500
X Error of failed request:Bad value (Integer parameter out)
Major opcode of failed request:109(x_change:HOSTS)
Value in failed request: 0xd
Serial number of failed request: 7
Current serial number in output stream: 9
localuser:500 being added to access control list
id:cannot find name for user ID 500
Loading simple config module...
Creating backend...
Could not get passwd database information fir UID of current process: user "???" unknown or no memory to allocate password entry
Failed to start message bus:Memory allocate failure in messages bus
EOF in dbus launch reading address from bus daemon

In terminal, my screen name is nicholas_tse@dhcpp0 but now change to I have no name@localhost.

How i change it back to defalult ?

By the way, i login to runlevel 3 and login as nicholas_tse. An error message is displayed such as below:

audit(1175944436.492:266):avc:denied {dac_overide} for pid:3296 comm:"pam_console_app" capability=1 scontext=system=system_u:system_ram_console_t:s0_s 0:c0.c1023 tcontext=system_u:system_ram_console_t:s0.s0:c0.c1 023 tclass-capability

audit(1175944436.492:267):avc:denied {dac_read_search} for pid=3296 comm="pam_console_app" capability=2 scpntext=system_u:system_ram_console_t:s0.s0:c0.c1 023 tcontext=system_t:system_r: pam_console_t:s0.s0:c1023 tclass-capability

when i typed startx, an error message is displayed. I don't know whether this is helpful or not.

Erreo Message:

Coud not get password databse information for UID of current process:user "???" unknown or no memory to allocate password entry.

Thanks for your help.

Your help is greatly appreciated by me and others

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