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wahsunny 10Apr2007 10:49

Draw a flowchart
Draw a flowchart for the following :

a) to find greater and smaller number from given two numbers.

b) to calculate sum of first 10 odd numbers.

shabbir 10Apr2007 10:55

Re: Draw a flowchart
You have posted it as an Article under the Article / Source code section. I have moved it to the Queries and Discussion forum.

bughunter2 10Apr2007 15:45

Re: Draw a flowchart
Can you post us an example of what you have already tried? It seems that you're posting all questions here without supplying information about what problems you encounter.

DaWei 11Apr2007 00:48

Re: Draw a flowchart
Wahsunny: This is not a free homework factory. Do your work. Post here for help with the problems you enounter. Show examples. Post error messages, if applicable. Explain how your efforts have failed to meet your expectations.

ahayes 16Apr2007 12:50

Re: Draw a flowchart

Have fun not learning anything.

shabbir 16Apr2007 13:29

Re: Draw a flowchart

Originally Posted by ahayes
Have fun not learning anything.


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