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Shifty 9Apr2007 08:59

Help me create a new website
I am looking to startup a new website which is to do with hip-hop music. I want the site to have a domain name and some webspace which hopefully you can sort out or help me out with. This must be large amount and a fast website to use. I want the website to have a built in music player which plays music tracks one after the other. I want the site to be able to play video clips. I want a section where you can listen to audio clips, i want pages with just text on them, i want a download page, i want a forum (in the PHP format). There is no deadline

evileye 15Apr2007 09:33

Re: Help me create a new website
Sure thing!

Pm me here or mail me at makerofangles@yahoo.com

What are u willing to pay?

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