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shah123 4Apr2007 16:16

Switch Case Options
Hi If i have switch statement look like this and after getting or display function or by entering wrong character(default) how can i go to same screen which will display different options. As i know there are goto statements but that is not recommended? So please can anybody recommend me what to use or to do?

switch (s)
                case "g":
                case "v":
                Console.WriteLine("Please select correct choice...");


shabbir 4Apr2007 19:16

Re: Switch Case Options
Posting the same question in the wrong section multiple times is not the idea way to get help.

shah123 4Apr2007 19:19

Re: Switch Case Options
I got small solution for that but Shabbir where should this thread be posted.
Duplication was my mistake but when i tried to create a thread it denied so i thought its not allowing me to create for some reasons.
Anyway applogize again for my mistake.

shabbir 4Apr2007 19:22

Re: Switch Case Options
You posted it in the Article section by clicking the Submit article image. It should be under the Queries and Discussion forum where the link reads New Thread.

shah123 4Apr2007 19:23

Re: Switch Case Options
ok Thanks

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