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anilk501 2Apr2007 17:45

ipc vs socket prg
what is different between ipc and socket programming .
when we use ipc?
when we use socket programming?

DaWei 2Apr2007 19:07

Re: ipc vs socket prg
IPC is for communication between processes. Let me recommend Beej's guides; there's one for each.

anilk501 2Apr2007 19:08

Re: ipc vs socket prg
what about socket prg

anilk501 2Apr2007 19:09

Re: ipc vs socket prg
can we communicate with remote system using only ipc?

DaWei 2Apr2007 19:18

Re: ipc vs socket prg
As I mentioned, Beej has tutorials for BOTH. I suggest your read them or something similar. When a person posts multiple posts in a row (particularly on frequent occassions) I know that person is shooting from the hip. By that, I mean not thinking clearly and thoroughly, but just tossing each random thought at the forum. That is a waste of our time, and yours.

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