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freewarexmlanarchist 1Apr2007 03:55

xxx game
My project is a little ethically questionable, an ADULT (as in xxx) game
I understand if you don't agree with the ethics of what I'm doing, but if you do please Help!!!

I've started this small project for fun, but now I have several friends who say they'll join in. This is going to be a major challenge. At first it was going to be a small web based app, but with the group effort I've started I thought I'd make it a c++ app (that runs xml levels, I just love xml). For an example of the program look at the game making application dim3 . Look at the code for the 'Engine Program'. It's a c++ engine running xml files for easier programming (and easier group collaboration).

anyone willing to help me please go to my google group (no ones joined yet, but about 50 say they will):


shabbir 1Apr2007 09:37

Re: xxx game

Originally Posted by freewarexmlanarchist
(no ones joined yet, but about 50 say they will):

I would prefer saying I will not join the group but we can always discuss here.

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