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CaJack 23Mar2007 01:19

vb sql query help
I'm having some trouble with this line of SQL...


"SELECT Ename, Enumber, Ecolour FROM TestTBL1 WHERE Tick = False and Region = " & myString
I'm using it to query an access database and I've made everything else in vb.
What I want the query to do is find the name(Ename), number(number) and colour(Ecolour) and if the happy tick box (tick) is unchecked and there region matches the user input (stored in myString) return the query. No errors seem to be poping up, but the code worked fine and returned some info before I added the "Tick = False". Can someone help me sort the statement out?

shabbir 23Mar2007 09:16

Re: vb sql query help
What is the type of the field Tick in your access database.

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