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kuttappan 12Jan2010 13:48

Re: Auto Suggest with Javascript
thanx a lot dude!!...u really helped me

dd_fadhilah 28Jan2010 14:16

Re: Auto Suggest with Javascript
your work's great... but the list is static and not from database. From thread 'source code for autosuggest' u've suggested to see your solution... but it seems no solution given...hmm...

amoremia 20Feb2010 16:28

Re: Auto Suggest with Javascript
Thanks a lot for the solution. I have a problem though. The code works like a charm for one text input box. However, when I create more than one boxes (I need multiple entry from the same array) the code does not work for the other boxes but only for the first one.
I would really appreciate the help.


ahmed-mehmood 1May2010 20:56

Re: Auto Suggest with Javascript
where i will make changes if i want to fetch the data from the database . ?? i want to use php ... please do reply ASAP ..

Arthanarisamy 12May2010 10:11

Re: Auto Suggest with Javascript
Thanks a lot! I was asking for this only exactly! Its really helpful!

Arthanarisamy 12May2010 10:16

Re: Auto Suggest with Javascript
Can you also help me in displaying the names which is there in the database!

Instead giving all the names in the script, i will maintain a table named names.

So i should retrive those names and should display it in the suggestion box same way how you have did using javascript suggestion box!

drillbabydrill 13Nov2011 03:25

Re: Auto Suggest with Javascript
Hello, I'm trying to use this code but it's not working. I added the html code to my site and I saved the java code as AutoComplete.js and added it to my site too. is this correct? how does the html file "connect" to the java file. I don't think one knows where the other is. I know nothing about java. help please. thank you.

amit24x7 11Jul2012 14:42

Auto Suggest with Javascript
I am getting this example done, but once i choose option from drop down and enter then input box is getting clear, i am not getting value in input box what i have selected. Please help

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