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Eryk 22Mar2007 22:42

Hi, I'm Eric. I'm a young, supple (just kidding) programmer in high school. I'm dabbling around in a few languages. Mostly I use PHP for various server-side things. I'm working on learning roughly four languages: C++, Java, Python, and CLisp.

Eryk 22Mar2007 22:45

Re: Oi
Ah, nevermind. I see DaWei is an active member here, don't even bother welcoming me.

shabbir 22Mar2007 23:00

Re: Oi
Ahh you did not see me as active. I guess I need to post more. By the way welcome to the forum.

shabbir 22Mar2007 23:01

Re: Oi
The above one was post No 2999 and so you know this is 3...

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