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shabbir 21Mar2007 23:47

Announcements Badges
We have added a new feature called badges for senior members and regular contributors. Here are the badges images and rules as how they are awarded.

Level 1
Any body who writes at least couple of articles and they are approved and accepted to any section under the Articles / Source Code section
Level 2
Constant contribution towards the forum and share his knowledge in the forum.
Level 3
Is a leader of any forum and moderates the forum for spam posts and other moderation activities. You need to PM Me if you wish to be one and depending on your contribution you will be made the leader of the section you have major contribution.
Level 4
Will be a voting based system where each of the leaders is nominated and Mentors will be choosen.
Note you cannot use the following images as Avatars.

coderzone 22Mar2007 11:43

Re: Announcments Badges
Looks good.

hanleyhansen 29Jan2010 21:12

Re: Announcements Badges
This is good to know. i'm going to work towards getting one. :D

shabbir 30Jan2010 07:53

Re: Announcements Badges

Originally Posted by hanleyhansen (Post 63592)
This is good to know. i'm going to work towards getting one. :D

Best of Luck :)

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