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vinayak Bhat 21Mar2007 15:31

process migration
please give me the idea about how to implement the process migration in c language,for me this is for demonstration purpose so i am not concetrating on transparacy or other things which are the features of good process migration system

DaWei 21Mar2007 22:27

Re: process migration
I would begin by with a structure that defines the state of the process and the resources it is using, much like the OS does. A process migrating to another machine, as opposed to another processor on the same machine, will be more difficult to implement. Is this the sort of thing you're asking?

vinayak Bhat 23Mar2007 14:17

Re: process migration
so what can be done to solve the problem of this process migration ,i mean can anything be done to transfer one process from one system to another in a network

DaWei 24Mar2007 15:04

Re: process migration
Sure. That's why there's a subject called 'process migration'. As I mentioned, it isn't a trivial thing to do. It requires that you research it, or hire it done.

vinayak Bhat 26Mar2007 14:58

Re: process migration
sir,if we consider a c program which is working on some machine in a network if it is to be migrated then we thought is we will keep it executing that is using infinite loop then if that programs contents are transferred then can it be restarted on another machine?

DaWei 26Mar2007 18:03

Re: process migration
Process Migration.

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