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sibu 21Mar2007 11:05

VC++ make file
Hi all,

Would like to know how do I crearte a make file in VC++. After that how do we compile it? Where can I get informaiton pertaining to this?

thanking you


shabbir 21Mar2007 11:09

Re: VC++ make file
The best way to create a make file is to export the make file from the Project -> Export Make File menu. Now after exporting you can edit to suit your needs like changing the directory structure of the source / destination path.

To compile using the make file use the nmake command at the command prompt. Remember to run the vcvars32.bat before using the nmake command.

sibu 21Mar2007 11:12

Re: VC++ make file
Thank you very much. i will try it now. How do I specify the library file in make file? could you give me an example for a make file that includes a library file

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