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obduk 19Mar2007 21:24

Custom Gui
Hi, I am wanting to make a set of programs that share a custom GUI, and will not use the standard OS theme.

For example how iTunes looks on windows, or how XMMS and winamp look. The programs must be able to run on windows and Linux, and possibly Apple (allthough that is not such an issue).

I will want to create everything, from buttons to windows, even what font they use.

I also do not like to use design programs and like to do things the raw way, using text editors and command promts, and as few libaries as possible.

I am aware of QT, GTK etc

Has anyone got any sugestions.

Thanks, Owen

DaWei 19Mar2007 21:46

Re: Custom Gui
You seem to have pre-rejected most suggestions. If you don't believe in tools that enhance your productivity, then you're going to have to just dig in and do it all the hard way. I'd liken it to attacking a jungle with a butter knive, but that's just personal viewpoint.

obduk 19Mar2007 21:55

Re: Custom Gui
At the moment I am considering using QT, as I am almost certainly going to use C++ and this seems a better option.

I was just wandering if people had other sugestions, also I admit that theses tools are extremely useful, however sometimes it is good to do things manualy to gain a deeper understanding, and to write all the code so you really do know how things are working.

DaWei 20Mar2007 00:01

Re: Custom Gui
Well, I always write all the code that isn't in useful and effective libraries, but I believe in compilers, linkers, good editors or ides. I've blown a few EEPROMS by hand with a bank of switches, to stick in a patch. Believe me, tools are better. I wouldn't lay out my gui by hand and design all the buttons, either, but maybe you should do that once to see how it works; I know I did.

obduk 20Mar2007 16:20

Re: Custom Gui
Ok, I now have two questions,

1) For curiocity purposes what would be used to write a GUI which is below GTK etc, would it be just using win32 API and x window system etc.

2) For practical purposes, what would be the best tool for creating a GUI which does not use the standard OS theme, so that the program would look the same on all OS. For example how xmms / winamp look (if they were to run on both windows and linux), I know xmms uses GTK. Or how apple's iTunes looks when running on a windows PC, I know that it basically is running a horrid kind of mac OS emulation / port of horridness.

Thank you

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